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Sylvia's beautiful illustrations of her first published books 'When Mum went to Heaven' and 'Charlotte's Shoes' navigate dealing with loss and grief through everyday life.
Image of a mum facing towards a sunset with white clouds. With the heading text "When Mum Went to Heavan" along the top of the image

When Mum Went To Heaven

When Mum went to Heaven, "all the beautiful things about her became seeds buried under the ground. One day, those seeds will grow into a beautiful garden so everyone can see them... tears are a good thing, they water the seeds to help them grow."

The story of five year old Ollie, whose mum went to Heaven, and his journey in managing his emotions, and moments in every day life that follow.

A book that navigates loss, grief, and tough emotions for children dealing with death, with glimmers of hope and beauty for readers of all ages.

Charlotte's Shoes

Sadly loss is a reality of life. But explaining it to children can be distressing and challenging for parents/ carers but especially for children.

Charlotte’s Shoes is a book that hopefully helps to make this situation that bit easier.

Madeleine & Charlotte are the very best of friends, inseparable and with an unbreakable bond. Until one day when Charlotte has to leave and move away, but she gifts Madeleine a very special gift that will always keep them connected and in each other’s hearts and minds.

Sometimes little things help make big things a bit better and best friends have a way of helping us find light in dark times.

Join Charlotte and Madeleine as they find their way through sad times together.

" I can not recommend Sylvia enough, she really partnered with me, nothing was a hassle and she understood how important this was for me. She was honestly just fabulous to work with and I feel so fortunate to have found her. "


Author - 'Charlotte's Shoes

" Sylvia brought a beautiful sensitivity and showed versatility as an illustrator across our two projects, featuring clean modern illustrations in the first book 'When Mum went to Heaven' and great skill in watercolour illustrations in ' I'm One'. We look forward to working together on projects in the future.


Author - 'When Mum went to Heaven'